Planning an event? Friend, are you ever in the right place. From baby showers to birthday parties to staff retreats, screen printing is a unique and entertaining way to bring people together.

What’s Included?

All prices are based on a 2-3 hour long event and include step-by-step instruction, printing supplies, and designs created by you!

You can make a design out of photographs, hand drawn images, posters, you name it. That thing your bestie always says? Make it a design. That piece of art your teenager made at the age of 2? Make it a design. That photograph you took that night in Vegas? make it a design (I won’t tell).

This is what makes private printing events special. You won’t just be coming together to screen print, you’ll be coming together to screen print unique, on-of-a-kind art that is meaningful, or hilarious, or touching or memorable or all of the above to you and your guests. Review the image guidelines, email me your images a week in advance and I’ll have it available for your guests to print at your event.

I Come To You

Let me know where to show up, bring along some items for your guests to print, and I’ll do the rest. You can print on just about anything… thrifted clothes from Goodwill, pillow cases, tote bags, onesies, dog bandanas, you name it! If you want, you can also purchase blank items me ($5-$10 each, depending on what you want).


1-10 people - $350 +HST
1 printing station, 2 custom screens

11-25 people - $600 +HST
2 printing stations, 4 custom screens

26-50 people - $1000 +HST
4 printing stations, 8 custom screens

Book Now

If you’re ready to book your event, go ahead and fill in the booking request below and I’ll get back to you within 24-28 hrs.

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