Screen Printing Drop-Ins

Drop in for a quick screen printing session. I’ll teach you the basics of printing with a silkscreen and squeegee, then stand back while you print all the things. 

You’ll choose the image(s) you want to print from a selection of silkscreens I’ve made in advance, usually in different themes… animals, movie quotes, my favourite Netflix-binging snacks. 

Either bring something with you to print or buy blank item(s) from me at $10 each.


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Drop-in sessions are $20 per person and you can bring as many items as you’d like to print.


These sessions typically happen in my booth on the 2nd floor of the Market at Western Fair.

Bringing things to print

Shop your closet for t-shirts, jean jackets, jeans, dresses and bring along as many as you like. It’s the “umph” your wardrobe’s been waiting for. Or, if you’re feeling community-y, hit the racks at your local Goodwill store. Goodwill is a nonprofit that helps people find work. It is very good, indeed. 

Avoid fabrics that are:

X super stretchy

X super thin

X have a raised texture

It’s not that you CAN’T print on those fabrics, it’ll just make things a little trickier. But if you’re an I’ll-take-my-chances kind of person, bring along whatever you want. I’m game.

Buying blank items from me

For all you “Carolyn, I’m a busy girl/guy. I don’t have time to find something to print,” people out there, I keep a small selection of blank t-shirts, t-shirt pillows and pairs of placemats on-hand. You can buy them when you show up for $10 each.