Me & C. was born out of a desire to connect. I set out from the beginning to create designs that were familiar, that felt like they were created especially for my community. I wanted my work to be an extension of myself and all my imperfections. I wanted to tell honest stories and share even my most embarrassing fumbles. I wanted to have genuine conversations with strangers about the things we have in common.

I started Me & C. in 2016 and since then I've watched countless people wander into my booth and grin at my t-shirts like they just saw an old friend. I've created designs of the places where people had their first kiss or said their last goodbye. I've printed orders for people leaving town or as gifts for people from London who now live far away. One of my shirts lives in Japan!

Me & C. textiles are screen printed by a human, not a machine, so no two items are exactly alike. Each piece is unique and made especially for the London, Ontario community. Maybe you've lived here all your life, maybe you went to school here, maybe you just visit once in a while. Whatever your connection to London, whoever you are, Me & C. designs are made for you. 

A portion of the proceeds from Me & C. products goes back to the community to support worthwhile initiatives and to reach out to people in our city who, otherwise, I may never have had the opportunity to meet. 

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As told by Me (C.)

Hey you made it half-way down the about page! You're curious; I like that about you.

If you're interested in starting up a small business, screen printing or knowing you're not the only one who's made a few missteps, you might enjoy perusing my musings on these topics and others.

Here are a few favourites to get you started:


I like you. 

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