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3 ways to fold a t-shirt

The day I learned to properly fold my t-shirts was the day my life changed forever.

I'm exaggerating... but not by much. My dad was in town and I was showing him the shirts I'd made. He said "wow my kid's an artist" then he followed it up with "but kiddo, you're gonna have to get better at folding shirts." He was totally right. Folding wasn't my strong suit.

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My printer won't print on vellum

didn't even know this was a thing. The first time I bought vellum it was in a roll and was quite paper-like but still transparent. I bought it because it was on sale and a good enough price that I didn't mind having to cut it into 8.5"x11" sheets. When I ran out I decided opt for the pre-cut pages which also happened to be "sheer trace" vellum. 

Little did I know, my printer would have none of it. It picked the paper up but wouldn't print on it. It was taking a stand against sheer trace vellum.

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Let there be light: Making my own light table

My first order of business once I'd taken Kingi Carpenter's screen printing workshop in Toronto was to build a light table. I had decided I wanted to move ahead with photo-emulsion screen printing so I had a couple of options. I could have rigged up a table with a couple of clip lights overtop. It's a functional option but the exposure time for my screens would be 60 minutes which is a long time when you're making multiple screens. I settled on the alternative: building a light table of my own.

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