The best laid plans

It's the long weekend and my plan was to spend all 3 days printing. I then revised that plan when I realized I still had quite a few designs to get through. I decided I would finalize those designs on Saturday, print my screens Sunday morning then print all afternoon. 

It's now 3:00pm on Sunday and I'm blogging. I'm blogging because the number of things that have gone wrong over the past two days is laughable. First of all, I ran out of coffee which wasn't so much something going wrong as it was me forgetting I was almost out of coffee. Nevertheless, the situation had to be dealt with immediately. So I lost a bit of time this morning over at Locomotive Espresso

Then it was beautiful out so I opted to work on my designs on our steps. Not too shabby. The intention was to finish them up on Saturday but I ran into a recurring problem with our printer that I thought I'd fixed but clearly had not. Sorting it out took most of the afternoon. So Sunday morning became finalize-your-designs-already time. My plan was to start printing my screens before lunch.

Little did I know, I would run into yet another printer issue involving vellum, glue and a girl with a very needy cat. You can read about that here but it boils down to this: it's now 3:22pm and I am blogging instead of printing my 100+ shirts. 

The best laid schemes of mice and men...